We will deliver the taste of
“TORORO” with
a unique atmosphere.

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This native species is one of the representatives of natural vegetables of Japanese herbal medicine.
It has been acknowledged as a nutritious tonic "food" since ancient times.
It is often referred to as one of the wild plants in Japan.
Commercially available yam, the Yamatoimo potato, is a completely different variety.


  • Draft Beer 400ml
  • Kirin Lager Beer 500ml
  • Super Dry 500ml
  • Warmed Sake 180ml
  • Chilled Sake 180ml
  • Sake Flavored with Grilled Char 360ml
  • Shochu with Water 300ml
  • * All prices are tax excluded.


  • We mainly serve vegetable cuisine.
  • All beverage prices are tax-exclusive.
  • We will have a spoon for those who wish.
  • Please be aware seasonal changes may apply.
  • Free rice refill.
  • In addition to sake, there are soft drinks such as cola and orange juice.


Hida TakayamaGifu

  • The Cha Cha store ( the Gassho no Yakata ) is located in "Jinen village".

    The Gassho no Yakata is made by relocating "the Gassho-style house"."The Gassho-style house" is an old Japanese traditional house style.
    Shirakawa-go is famous for its gassho-style house,And it is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.